The Twelve Blessings

"In these times of unrest in your World, the workers for peace are indeed thrice Blessed."

- from The First Blessing

The Twelve Blessings are a wonderful system of prayer designed for these days to send out spiritual energy to humanity, the Mother Earth, and all of Creation. The Aetherius Society has been performing this Spiritual practice on Mt. Baldy for over 50 years. The Blessings are:


Blessed Are They Who Work For Peace

Blessed Are The Wise Ones

Blessed Are They Who Love

Blessed Are The Planetary Ones

Blessed Are The Thanksgivers

Blessed Are They Who Heal

Blessed Is The Mother Earth

Blessed Is The Mighty Sun

Blessed Are The Supreme Lords of Karma

Blessed Is The Galaxy

Blessed Are The Supreme Lords of Creation

Blessed Is The Absolute


A service of The Twelve Blessings will be held as part of the interfaith ceremony.