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Directions to Mt. Baldy Ski Resort:

Travel to Mt. Baldy via the 210 FWY. and/or the 10 FWY.

Mt. Baldy is East of the 57 FWY. & West of the 15 FWY.

Note: There is more than one Mountain Ave. exit off the 210 FWY: one about 1mi. west of the 605 FWY, and the other correct one about 18 mi. east of the 605 FWY. Make sure it is the Mountain Ave exit in the city of Upland and it says Mount Baldy on the Fwy. exit sign

Take the Mountain Ave. / Mount Baldy exit from either freeway, which is located in the city of Upland and head North towards the mountains. Mountain Ave. will turn into Mt. Baldy Road and dead end into the Ski Area Parking lot, which is 3 miles beyond Mt. Baldy Village. (Approx. 16 Miles from the the 210 FWY). 

The 210 FWY brings you closer to the Mountain and less city driving. 

Travelling Eastbound on the 210 FWY (second option, slightly shorter): Exit Baseline Road, Claremont from the 210 FWY only. When on Baseline go west, to Monte Vista/Padua Ave. Turn North (right) on Padua, follow for a mile to the light. Turn East (right) onto Mt Baldy Rd. Follow the Mt Baldy Rd. for about 7 miles to the Village and another 3 miles up to the ski lifts. Road will dead end into the ski area parking lot. Approx 14 miles.

Do not stop until you see the big ski resort parking lot! There is a slight left turn once you get past the trout ponds (which will be marked with a Mt. Baldy Ski Resort/Lifts sign), but even if you miss it, the wrong fork with dead end about 25 yards away. After this slight left turn you will winding up the mountain.

Just make sure and keep going up the road, past the Village, past the trout ponds, past the Manker Flats campgrounds, all the way up to the end of Mt. Baldy Road. We will have a couple signs posted from the slight left turn onwards. 

There is no gas station once you exit either freeway.

Approximate travel time from downtown LA is 75 minutes.

Trail Maps

Trail to Ski Lodge ("The Notch") without the ski-lift            

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Trail to Location 2 from top of the ski-lift

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Trail to Location 3 from top of the ski-lift

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