Previous Ceremony Leaders

Sura Das

Hare Krishna Band

(Registration area reception)

Debrah Van Zyl


Southern California Committee for the Parliament of the World's Religions

Rev. Liesel Butcher

The Aetherius Society

James Prendergast

Episcopalian Christian

Ma Shivamaya

Nithyananda Vedic Temple

"It was a perfect union of spiritual travelers who were able to express their gratitude to Mt. Baldy and Mother Nature, to a multicultural gathering of pure expression of love and acceptance of all faiths, creating a point of light in the cosmos that will continue to shine on the mountain, in the sky around the world. A light that will attract even more seekers as even curiosity seekers are drawn to it just by the loving energy that continues to radiate on the mountain and in our hearts."


Ruth Broyde-Sharon


Southern California Committee for the Parliament of the World's Religions

Jasbir Bashine

Sikh Foundation, L.A.

"We are All Children of One God of One Universal Religion of the entire Galaxy. We are Happy and Peaceful. Let Religion and Science Technology work for Happiness and Prosperity, and let  Love and Peace prevail."


Masayo Sugimoto

Shumei, Pasadena

Keyvan Geula

Baha'i Faith

Sande Hart

Spiritual and Religious Alliance For Hope

Chris Montgomery

Siddhanath Yoga Parampara

Location 2:

Rev. Basia Durnas


Spiritual Unity Movement

Dibjyot Singh

Sikh Foundation, L.A.

Rev. Leland Stewart

Founder - Unity and Diversity World Council

Andre Van Zyl


Rev. Frank Alton

Episcopalian Christian L.A.

Kevin Moncrief

Soka Gakkai International

Rakie Rahkop

Cherokee/Indigenous Shaman

"A beautiful day to implement unconditional love with one spiritual pathway to another and to aggregate the love to all children on earth, beloved Mother Earth, and Father of All That Is."

Dr. Simon Simonian

Religious Society of Friends


Bill Downs

Christian Science / Valley Interfaith Council

"Work toward peace in the world is enormously important. And the people of different faiths working together, and praying together, is an example for the whole world to take inspiration from."

Rt. Rev. Brian Keneipp

The Aetherius Society

Richard Hite

Gong Musician

"This is so needed today. It was inspiring!"

Location 3:

Rev. Paul Nugent


The Aetherius Society


SimranKaur Khalsa

Sikh Dharma

"We all come together with an open heart, ready to share the blessings of different faiths and cultures, feeling the power of the earth, wind and sun carrying our prayers out to the world. What a fantastic way to gather - One people, One breath, One heart, vibrating in unison."

Rev. Jeffrey Utter

Disciples of Christ


Dr. Shahina Larsen

Founder - Making Peace With Islam

"I laughed, I cried and enjoyed making new friends! This [World] Peace Pilgrimage gave me the opportunity to connect with myself and my knowing of Peace at the deepest level of my being!"


Moshe Fridman


"The atmosphere, meeting all the wonderful people and learning about their faiths, the hike. . .very inspiring."

Haridass Kaur

Sikh Dharma

Ma Prabananda

Nithyananda Vedic Temple

Kim Means

The Skywheel Project

"A profound gathering honoring our connection to earth, sky, and all expressions of the divine."

Steve Radosevich

The Skywheel Project

Rev. Lesley Young

The Aetherius Society

Swami Sadananda

The Vedanta Society

"I am very thankful to The Aetherius Society to come forward to bring all faiths on one platform and work for universal peace."

Lauri Willard

Ananda LA

"I loved being with a group of extraordinary souls, who are dedicated to bringing light to the planet, in a powerful energy center. The world, undoubtedly felt our vibration of love and peace, and is better for it."

Maya Massar

Natural and Shamanic Healing Facilitator

"The World Peace Pilgrimage shines with hope for humanity and all who dwell on Earth. I was delighted to be a part of it and returned rejuvenated, fulfilled and excited to continue spreading the love and peace we generated on the mountain top back home in the mundane world around me. I think this is the real gift of the Pilgrimage: that we who attended returned with a sense that there are others out there doing what we are doing and that together, even in our different places on the planet, even from our different faith's perspectives, we are ONE in our intention to live in, create, activate and manifest WORLD PEACE."


Rev. Stephen Longfellow Fiske

Unity and Diversity World Council

Rev. Patrick Harbula

Spiritual Unity Movement

"Fabulous coming together of the many paths that lead to the One!"